Will a tracking number be provided for my shipment?

Certainly! A confirmation email inclusive of a tracking number shall be dispatched within the span of 1-5 business days subsequent to the placement of your order

When can I anticipate the dispatch of my purchase?

Merchandise that is readily available and in stock typically undergoes shipment within the time frame of 1-5 business days.

Do you facilitate worldwide shipping?

Indeed, our shipping services extend to encompass the entirety of the American continent, Europe, and select locales within Asia.

What is the anticipated duration for the arrival of my order?

The duration of shipment within the United States is contingent upon your geographical location, with delivery typically spanning 2-9 days post-shipping.

For international orders, the delivery timeframe typically ranges between 1-3 weeks post-shipment, contingent upon the unique customs regulations of the respective country.

How may I ascertain the appropriate size to order?

A comprehensive size chart is available beneath the listings for t-shirts and hoodies. It is pertinent to note that our garments are unisex and adhere faithfully to standard sizing.

Is it possible to amend or cancel an order post-placement?

In the event of an inadvertent error in item selection or address information, kindly apprise us of the required modifications via email within one hour of order placement.

Whats the return policy?

Refunds are exclusively entertained in instances wherein the item arrives damaged or an incorrect item has been dispatched. In such circumstances, please direct your correspondence to giorgioarchives@gmail.com, and we shall endeavor to streamline the refund process. It is imperative to exercise due diligence in selecting the correct size during the ordering process, as returns for sizing discrepancies are not permitted. Final sale items, regrettably, do not qualify for returns.